Just a good candle

Urban Loft Candle Co. - scented candles

The title of this blog post says it all. That is our goal, just to make a good candle - pretty simple, not too lofty, obtainable...so we thought. We quickly found out that it takes more than some melted wax, a wick, and fragrance to make a good candle. There have been plenty of failures along the way. From those failures, we learned. We learned a lot about wax, wicks,  fragrances, and the pure science behind what makes a good candle. And, we are still learning. Our goal is to launch this Spring with six signature scents that are individually crafted to be a good candle with a great scent throw that evokes memories of places traveled, friendships, family, and life's journeys. Good candles that we are proud of and you are excited to receive. So make sure you get on the list so you know when we launch and you can experience our good candles for yourself.